Mindy Mayo


Mindy Mayo is our Stay-Put Permanent Make-up Artist. She has been a licensed permanent makeup artist since 2008.

Mindy is committed to providing the safest, easiest application of customized permanent makeup for each individual. In addition to being a licensed & inspected by the Health Department; Mindy is also holds a bloodborne pathogens certification. She actively pursues continuing education to improve her knowledge and skills.

Services Offered:

Permanent Eyeliner – lash line enhancement

Permanent Eyebrows – full, powdered brow; Micro-bladed hair-strokes; full, soft color

Permanent Lips – full, soft color

Scar & Wrinkle Revision

Mindy offers Complimentary Consultations

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When asked if she had any advise for someone considering permanent makeup, Mindy had this to say:

“When choosing a permanent makeup artist, do your research. Artists should be licensed, health department compliant, & provide you with before & after photos of their own work. A two day course without permanent makeup core training is not sufficient. Always ask questions!”